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7 Dos and Don’ts for the Maintenance of The Best Outdoor Water Features in Australia

No matter where you live in the world, some outdoor water features can help make your day a little more ...
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6 Reasons To Use GFRC Lightweight Planters

GFRC lightweight planters are the best choice for people who need to maximize their space. These planters can be stacked ...
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Three Little-known Advantages of Shopping for Planters

The addition of vegetables, flowers, plants, and herbs complement and beautify the living spaces and backyard. People who want to ...
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A Guide to Buy Best Garden Pots in Perth and beautify Outdoors

If you own a garden, it is sure you want to decorate it with as many beautiful plants as you ...
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Reasons to Buy Large Outdoor Water Fountains for Sale in Australia

Imagine a water fountain in the front yard of your home that welcomes guests every day? People live in constant ...
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Characteristics and Care of Pietro Stoneware Products

Pietro Stoneware product finishes are achieved by applying various natural materials that will attractively mature over several years. Its finishes ...
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Making Homes Look Beautiful with Garden Planters

The location of your house doesn't matter when it looks stunning. Most of us live with a dream of having ...
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07 Tips To Have A Healthy Garden

Do you want to have a healthy garden with beautiful plants, flowers or vegetables? Using the correct fertilizers and applying ...
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About Pietro Stoneware

Pietro Stoneware range of beautiful garden accessories with unique designs bring a whole new dimension to indoor and outdoor decor. We offer garden furniture, planters, garden pots, urns & jars, water features, sculptures, and garden accessories in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and across Australia.

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