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Pietro Stoneware Water Features and Fountains

Whether you’re decorating your garden on your own, or have hired a landscaper to do the task for you, we’re sure that you will be stunned by the sheer variety of Classic and Modern fountains that you can find at Pietro Stoneware. So, wait no more before you browse through our collection and pick the most appealing Pietro outdoor water features in Australia right away!

Outdoor Water Features in Australia

Regardless of how aged the concept of fountains seems to be, there is still something truly intriguing about that consistent flow of water from one height to another that creates a pleasing ambiance like none other; almost as if you’re sitting right beside a small creek or a quaint mountain stream. Besides, fountains, especially those carved in Lightweight Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement (GFRC) have a unique way of adding that much-needed splendour to a garden, as much in a residential property as in a commercial one.

At Pietro Stoneware, we are well aware of the undying charm of outdoor fountains, and therefore design some exemplary Classic as well as Modern large outdoor water fountains with unique finishes for sale in Australia.

As you may already know water fountains carved in GFRC offer a wide array of benefits right from their durability to their opulent designs, complete with their high resistance to corrosion as well as the low maintenance they demand. And before we forget to mention, these Pietro fountains also warrant relatively lower electricity consumption!

About Pietro Stoneware

Pietro Stoneware range of beautiful garden accessories with unique designs bring a whole new dimension to indoor and outdoor decor. We offer garden furniture, planters, garden pots, urns & jars, water features, sculptures, and garden accessories in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and across Australia.

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