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Characteristics and Care of Pietro Stoneware Products

Pietro Stoneware product finishes are achieved by applying various natural materials that will attractively mature over several years. Its finishes and products are maintenance-free, so any abrasives application may radically change the product appearance and should not use on color finishes without consulting a Pietro Stoneware representative.

Each Pietro Stoneware piece is exposed to its color elements will randomly fade to create a unique patina. Over the period, micro-cracks may appear on some pieces’ surface, developing an aged antique look. Such micro-cracks are not structural and are part of the typical aging pattern of the piece. Pietro Stoneware piece is a natural stone product. ┬ Use a mild soap with water to clean the surface and treat it as you would any other cementitious surface.

About Pietro Stoneware

Pietro Stoneware range of beautiful garden accessories with unique designs bring a whole new dimension to indoor and outdoor decor. We offer garden furniture, planters, garden pots, urns & jars, water features, sculptures, and garden accessories in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and across Australia.

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