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Where do your pieces come from?
Our products are 100% made in the Philippines by skilled craftsmen who create the pieces one at a time.

Are your pieces sustainable?
Absolutely! Our products are made with 100% recyclable materials. Pietro Stoneware is ecologically and socially conscious and creates and manufactures a high quality line of modern, functional, sustainable, durable garden products having a minimal impact on our environment.

What are modern garden pieces made out of?
GLASS FIBRE REINFORCED COMPOSITE (GFRC): known for their lightweight but durable qualities, create a sustainable and functional sculptural landscape element.

What are your “aged” finishes?
Our aged finished pieces are stained to achieve the distressed, timeworn elegance characteristic of something Old World. Using natural blends and materials with pigments to create rich, muted colors and finishes. Time and weather will naturally age the piece to further authenticity.

What are your “solvent” finishes?
From 10-90 sheen solvent finishes to resist dirt, water stain, UV resistant and will never fade.

About Pietro Stoneware

Pietro Stoneware range of beautiful garden accessories with unique designs bring a whole new dimension to indoor and outdoor decor. We offer garden furniture, planters, garden pots, urns & jars, water features, sculptures, and garden accessories in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and across Australia.

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